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Vemma Posts 46% U.S. Gains in 2012 - Up 30% Worldwide!

Vemma Nutrition Company released its worldwide wholesale sales for 2012, posting a wordwide 30% increase at $117 million.

The largest sales growth occurred in the U.S. market with a 46% increase over 2011, followed by Canada with 34% sales growth and Europe with a 22% increase.

The U.S. market experienced 85% growth in recruiting paying out over $1 million per week in Brand Partner bonuses in 2012.

Vemma's Energy Formula, Verve!® represents 62% of first-time orders and is currently available in 36 markets worldwide, soon-to-be 39, with some major Asian markets bringing in the brand.

With the Verve and Vemma Bode brands, Vemma has positioned itself to allow entrepreneurs “two bites at the apple” by developing two brands that attract and resonate with two completely different market segments. With all that’s happening in Vemma, the modest goal to double sales in 2013 and exceed $200 million might be thinking a little small.


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